Don't you hate giving people gifts? First, there's that apprehension as they fondle the paper. Then the forced grin as they give it a "comedy" shake (not too hard, in case it's a diamond-encrusted tiara). And before long, the wrapping paper lies shredded on the carpet. Alongside their diamond-encrusted hopes and dreams.

Introducing Crapping Paper™ - the wrapping paper that ruins the surprise! Download and print one of our Classic Crapping Papers™ or create your own using our handy Crapping Paper™ Generator. And say goodbye to awkward smiles and thankless platitudes forever.

Crapping Paper™ for the most classic of Christmas gifts. From books to socks to those really rubbish mini-deoderant sets you only buy people because they're a bit smelly. We've got the classics covered, but if you can't find what you're looking for, why not head down to the Crapping Paper™ Generator?

Chosen a classic? Click the one you want to download the PDF and print it out (at work, not at home silly). Et voila! It's Christmas with all the crappings!

"It's a book!"
Download PDF

"It's a Blu-Ray or DVD!"
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"It's a pair of socks!"
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"It's a deodorant set!"
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"It's bath stuff!"
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"It's an Xbox game!"
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"It's a bottle of wine!"
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"It's a photo frame!"
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"It's the thought that counts!"
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Crapping Paper Generator

Gone and found something different? Not to worry! The patent-pending Crapping Paper™ Generator is here to save the day.

So what are you giving them? Sausages? A taxidermy hamster? Some pants? A Secret Santa gift you didn't want? Plutonium? A puppy? The treasure of the Sierra Madre? A Justin Bieber calendar? A Justin Bieber loofer? Justin Bieber? Whatever random piece of shit you’ve discovered, there's now a Crapping Paper™ to fit. Get crapping, crappers!

We're not at all sure why you'd want to, but you can tweet us if you'd like. You can even leave a comment below if you're so inclined. You weirdo.

Why not tell us what you wrapped in Crapping Paper™. Or what you created using the Generator. Or what your Uncle Tony thought of it. Or like, whatever...

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